Channeling Gigi

mackenzie allenComment

If you've seen pictures of Gigi Hadid out and about in the last couple months, chances are she's got something tied around her waist and some sort of denim jacket on. I'll be honest... For this outfit, that wasn't my original intention, but when your sweater is a bit cropped & your favorite pair of jeans can't keep it together with the zipper situation (I don't know why I even bother trying to zip them anymore), the only way to make it work is slapping a jean jacket around your waist. And so I did. Thankfully this trend is booming right now, so I channeled my inner Gigi and went for it. 

For the record, these jeans are the bomb and I fully recommend despite my zipper issue. I blame that on excessive wearing of these babies over the years, because they are O L D. But I can't help continuing to make them my go to! Some of my items are unfortunately sold out, but I've linked some below that are similar and just as cute!