Birchbox Review

mackenzie allenComment

I have been dying to try one of these monthly subscription boxes, but couldn't decide which to choose from. Finally, I came to the decision to choose Birchbox for a couple reasons: 1. Unlike Ipsy, their products range from things you could find in a drug store to more high end items, which was important because I use products from all price ranges, and 2. the founder is one of the investors on Project Runway: Fashion Startup and I LOVE that show and love her! I was surprised at first by the size of the samples, as they were smaller than I expected, but for $10/month I can't really complain! I was super happy with all the products I received and can't wait for Birchbox to grace my mailbox again next month. I also can't wait to buy some of these products full size - some of these companies definitely succeeded in gaining a new customer!

While this wasn't quite enough to get a full leg shave in, I really liked this shaving cream. I am very prone to razor burn, and did not get it when using this shaving cream, so it passed my test! 

I don't get the chance to use dry shampoo a lot, because I am plagued with hair that becomes greasy after literally 12 hours, so I have to shampoo on the daily. Lucky for me, I way overslept one day and got to try it out! And let me tell you.... This stuff smelled SO good. Like my hair was a blooming garden of flowers. It's amazing, and works like a charm!

This was by far my favorite sample, and I have been using it since the day I got it. These colors are AMAZING and as a girl who is a lifelong user of the Urban Decay pallets, I will definitely be switching at my next trip to Sephora. 

I was so excited to try these because all my beauty bloggers are all about these eye pads! They were the perfect hydrating boost to my eyes after lots of harsh rubbing from taking my eye make up off, and I would definitely purchase again. 

This is a highlighter stick by Milk Makeup which I am so pumped about! My only non-powder highlighter is a $3 purchase from Walmart, so using a quality product proved to be much more flattering on my face. And on top of that, it takes like zero product to get the job done, so this little babe is going to last me a long time!


L O V I N G this moisturizer. It's lightweight and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy AT ALL which is #1 on my priority list because I absolutely hate lotion. With all the harsh weather changes here in Arkansas I can definitely feel it taking a toll on my skin, but this stuff has been great for keeping my skin hydrated and looking good!

All in all: highly recommend.