5 Must Have Flats for Spring

mackenzie allenComment

It's no secret that flats are the hot item for spring. But if you can't afford the highly lusted after Gucci flats like the rest of us, there are a billion options out there that won't max out the credit card!

1. The Colorful Flat- Everyone needs a hot pink statement shoe, especially in 2017 where pink is the color of the season. Having a solid but bold flat is an easy way to incorporate some fun into a basic outfit while not going too overboard.

2. The Subtle Pattern Flat- The crazy shoes of 2017 can be a scary trend to try, which is why a subtle pattern can be the perfect liaison between your fears of high fashion and desire to be on the cutting edge. A small, dainty pattern mixed with a neutral pastel is the easiest way to branch out without testing your comfort zone. 

3. The Metallic Flat- Do I need to even tell you why you need these? Spice up your life (or feet) with some metallic shoes and I promise you won't regret it. Added bonus? They match everything.

4. The Show Stopper- If you're daring and bold, opt for a bright color and stand-out pattern to add that extra pop to any outfit. The best part about these is that they're blue -aka they match jeans so they match everything- and you're sure to stand out no matter where you go.

5. The Basic Flat- You can't go wrong with a good basic flat, especially in this gorgeous beige. Whether it's just too daunting to step outside of the box, or nobody understands fashion in your workplace (UGH), you can be sure to impress in these!